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Casara Clark

Casara Clark My mother was an expert in serial killers. That's the kind of thing that ends up affecting your childhood... I wanted to believe that all people were good in the world, but I never really had the opportunity.

This film is both a realization and an understanding of the sick people in this world. It's also about acceptance and appreciation. Happiness cannot exist without pain, just as light cannot exist without dark. Alone, neither would have any meaning.

This is why the human experience is magical and beautiful, which lead me to the investigation of how we typically perceive the afterlife. I was raised Catholic, and although I do believe in a heaven, I don't believe in the endless joy version portrayed in films and biblical teachings.

It's a great trajedy that so many people place more stock in the unknown afterlife instead of what's right here in front of us. This world is a beautiful place, and the pain and suffering is part of what makes it so beautiful.

At its heart, this film is merely about what it means to be human. Even the darkest aspects of life should be cherished.

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